Peninsula Youth Benefitting from Grants

Presenting our annual grants and learning more about the organizations and programs that your donations support is extremely valuable to all of our volunteer Board members. Even more valuable is hearing directly from those who benefit from the grant money. Take A Hike Foundation shared this note from a student in the program run from the Saanich School District Independent Learning Centre. They share how the program has given them new opportunities and a safe space to learn.

Take A Hike Foundation rely on funding support, like the annual SP-CF grant, to provide a program that includes:
• Land-based activities that re-engage youth in school and community;
• Self-paced academics that provide a path towards high school graduation;
• A full-time registered clinical counselor for each classroom who supports youth to face and grow beyond personal challenges; and
• Community involvement that enables students to give back and gain job skills.

Your donations to the Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation are changing the lives of Peninsula residents – thank you!

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