“SPCF continues to be a ‘quiet’ supporter of many valued organizations on the Peninsula and we are most appreciative of this.” - BC Aviation Museum

“Parkland School is very grateful to now have bike racks. It couldn’t have happened without funding from SPCF. Thank you very much for making this possible.” - Parkland Secondary School

“Thank you for supporting our 2017 Saving Lives on the Water program” - Saanich Marine Rescue Society

“Your grant helped us purchase building materials to finish our new washroom facility at the Saanich Historical Artifacts” - Vancouver Island Model Engineers

“Peninsula Streams Society, grant used in presenting 'Cool Carbon Connections educational sessions directed at Grade 5 students

“Thank You for helping us make our playground facilities accessible to children of limited mobility” - Countryside Preschool

“Your grant allowed us to stabilize stream banks, install riffles in the stream and tied the stream bed into the lower weir and a stone bridge crossing” - Dominion Brook Park Society

“Thank you for helping us to meet the dental needs of those children who do not have access to proper dental care.” - Orcca Dental Clinic Society

“Thank You for helping us get the Economics for Success Program presented at Parkland and Stelly's High Schools” - Junior Achievement of BC

“Thank You for supporting our ‘Kids Don't Float Program.’ Funds helped purchase lifejackets for marine safety” - Saanich Inlet Lifeboat Society