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Education – Countryside Preschool, The New Marine Centre Society

The future our children will bring to the Saanich Peninsula is just as important to us as the present, which is why we are happy to support educational programs and learning centres. With parents keen to keep there little ones’ brains active, we recognize the importance of easy access to learning opportunities.

There’s nothing like breaking up the routine of a normal school day with a unique and involving learning opportunity. The New Marine Centre Society wanted to provide just that to Saanich Peninsula students in 2017. With the help of a small grant from the Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation, they were able to launch The Salish Sea Community Learning Program, which brings their knowledge of our beautiful West Coast waters to schools and community events.

Countryside Preschool recognizes the importance of opportunities for children aged three to five, to interact with peers and learn through play. In 2015 they put together a unique proposal, which involved repurposing the structure of an old shed, to create a children’s construction shelter. With the grant approved and shelter built, children can have their little hands building things rain or shine.

In the spirit of accessibility to amazing learning, Countryside Preschool approached us again in 2016, this time with a plan to improve their facility’s wheelchair accessibility. With help from SPCF, the mobility of parents and children will no longer inhibit their participation at Countryside. As an added bonus, their newly built paths and ramps are also perfect for kids to develop balance and co-ordination on stride-bikes.

Both of these worthy grant recipients exist because of the hard work of volunteers, and we at SPCF value this fact when considering applications. Investing your time in our children shows commitment to a great Saanich Peninsula future. If you are a part of something that keeps our children engaged and smiling, we encourage you to apply for support.

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