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Arts and Culture – Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula, Sidney Concert Society

SPCF acknowledges that a community rich in arts and culture starts with opportunities to view high- quality performances and gallery displays. We see that a strong creative future starts with our children, who need early opportunities to experiment with their abilities in different forms and

The Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula (CACSP) has 250 active members and 1000 volunteers who come together to support and promote the development of all forms of the arts and cultural activities on the Saanich Peninsula. Many local emerging artists and creative children owe
their success in part to CACSP, with the backing of several SPCF grants.

During a beautiful Sidney summer, Saanich Peninsula children had a free drop-in opportunity to try renaissance-themed easel art in various mediums. The Tulista Park Easel Art program had run in previous years, but failed in 2016 due to funding shortage. Thanks in part to SPCF, 2017 saw the program reemerge with local artist Lesley Hunter instructing.

Classical music may not have the foothold today that it did two centuries ago, but the Sidney Concert Society is doing their part to keep it prevalent on the Saanich Peninsula. While they work to provide high-quality classical music to adults and youth in our community, they cannot put together performances without sufficient funding. In 2012, 2015 and 2017 SPCF assisted with performance funding by providing small grants.

We are fortunate to live in a place with creativity blossoming everywhere you turn. We realize that this doesn’t happen without the effort and support of the entire community, so we do our part to keep our arts and culture alive. If you are a part of an organization that helps make the Saanich Peninsula rich in culture, we encourage you to apply for support.

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